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Mod: So here is a thing about AD’s look. 

AD: We keeping this look? 

Mod: Yes and no. 

AD: hu?

Mod: So your form will look like that while in the net but when you goto other universes (other tumblrs) you will take on a form suited to that universe. So when you go back to the Rainbow Factory Universe your going to go back to your old style because that’s the look that’s set there. 

AD: OH COOL! So I could be a robot in one universe. 

Mod: Yes. 

AD: I can live with this. 


AD: WAIT I got a question. Does this mean that if you have not put me in that universe and someone want me to visit they get to decide what I look like?

Mod: Yep, as long as they stick to the rule that you must look humanish and/or ponyish 

AD: Ya why have I not been a Pony in RF Universe. 

Mod: I think Pony Death would be mad but there is nothing we can do about the rules of certain universes and how you will look there. 

AD: sooo  you got to pick how I looked in RFU? 

Mod: No Dashy got to. 

AD: Figures. 

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