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Thoughts over all and after mass

So we made it home ok yesterday. I had fun on the flight back mod kept telling me to sit down and shut up. So my thoughts about this years Bronycon. It was AWESOME had lots of fun and met up with a lot of people we knew from the factory. Definitely going again next year. As for the after mass, the mod went to the doctor when we got back about his wrist turns out he has a small fracture. So he now has to ware a splint all the time tell it heals. Should not effect his drawing. So give us a day to wine down and relax and then the mod will post pics from the con. 

Thoughts about the last day

Last day was fun. The mod spent most of the day hanging out with Ghostly Scoots mod at her booth giving her a hand. I got to help. After they closed the hall we booked it to the closing ceremonies. There we hooked up with Factory Scoots and a few others. They already announced the dates for the next Bronycon and mod is happy. After that a whole lot of people from the Tumblrpon block party got together and headed down to a local steak house. We sat around and talked made bad jokes and ate. But then we found out that the bathroom walls where black boards so we all proceeded to draw pictures on the wall. Mod drew me looking at the toilet watching people. I found it funny. Sadly mod forgot to charge his camera so he could not get pics but he plans to get some from one of his friends who could so you will all get to see the wackiness that we did. So in all Bronycon was a lot of fun and I cant wait to go again next year. This time I just hope my mods bad luck does not continue and he’s able to draw me more then he did. Pics will be posted to my mod’s blog when he gets home. I’ll be sure to link them here so you guys can go take a look at them.  

Day 2 of Bronycon

So me and mod went to a lot of panels and hung out with some friends. Mod is still having trouble drawing me because of his hurt hand but he feels better today so he will give it his best on the last day. We did meet up with the mods of most of the other factories that where here. They are already making plans for next year….. I’m scared  

so highlights from the first day of the con… well my mod started it off well and went and hurt his left hand by falling on it. Not to bad tho just hurts a lot. Spent some time hanging out with Factory Scoots mod and met up with Ghostly Scoots at her booth. Then we went to a few panels and ended up at the panel where the VA played Apples to Apples and that was awesome. Mod did not get around to drawing me tho because of his hand but he is feeling better and will work threw the pain so see you guys soon. Oh and the mod took some pics they are to follow at a later date. 

Made it to the Con ok. The mod already found and started hanging out with Factory Scoots mod. The two had fun. Pics will follow shortly. First day was kinda hectic and the mod did not get much of a chance to get on his computer. poor guy….. yell at him for me. 

AD: Apple Bapple Jack eat your heart out My mod got me 3” x 5” sticky notes. 

Mod: Hey play nice now. She was dead after all. 

AD: not according to my records 

Mod: Well her mod takes better pics then your mod…. wait……

AD: *laughing so hard he cant speak*

Mod: well anyway if any one that’s going wants to hook up just message AD here and Ill check it out… STOP LAUGHING ITS NOT THAT FUNNY!!

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